Globalized One-stop Smart Power Supply Solutions

Ten Pao was established in 1979 (stock code "1979"), With 44 years of experience in power supply industry, with the development direction of high-end and digital intelligence, it continues to provide customers with "intelligent, efficient, safe, reliable, and rapid response" product customization and production manufacturing services, and provides "one-stop" intelligent power supply solutions with market competitiveness. Over the years with many well-known international brands to establish a long-term stable cooperative relationship, it has now become an international leading, reliable and innovative power supply group.

  • Innovating in Tailor-made Power Solution

    44 years accumulated experience in the power supply industry,Professional R&D team for strong and sustainable support Providing customers quick response always

  • Leading in Digital Manufacturing

    Being one of the top leading brands in  power supply enterprise
    Helping the industry move towards high-end, and enhancing the resilience of China's manufacturing industry

  • Operating in Safe And Reliable

    Continuously promoting and stabling the fusion between technology innovation and Integrity
    To be supplier of choice, enterprise of choice in the society 



The New Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park (Phase 1) will be gradually put into production in the 2nd quarter

Setup new manufacturing sites in
Mexico for growing global demandr 


The New Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park (Phase 1) is under construction (The Phase 1 is topped out on Dec 14th 2021)

Shenzhen Evgoer Technology Co.,Ltd was officially established 


The production base in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam expanded its production 


Huizhou Ten Pao Chuangneng Technology  Co.,Ltd. was officially established, in order to develop the New Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park in Huizhou (with over 400K sqm) 


Launched Manufacturing Sites in Dazhou, China & Vietnam 


Set up Manufacturing Sites in Hungary 


Ten Pao Group Holdings Limited was listed in Hong Kong

Global Strategy Implementation 


China National Accreditation Standard (CNAS) qualified. Provide in-house CNAS safety approbation  


Established Ten Pao Electronics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. 


Established Huizhou Golden Lake Industrial Development Co., Ltd. 


Set up Manufacturing Sites in Huizhou, China 


Founded in Hong Kong 



More than 750 R&D engineers, include product design, ID design, NPI, test verification, material research and technical pre-research teams

4-5 weeks for the fastest product development cycle


Over 400 patents technology

Over 300 authorized patents

Over 60 software copyrights registered

Testing Labs

Passed the accreditation qualifications of CNAS(China), UL(United States), TÜV Rheinland(Germany), Intertek(United Kingdom), SGS(Switzerland), DEKRA(Germany), and CEC(California).

In-house test reports are recognized by international authorities in 104 countries and regions. This ensures the speed of approbations to our clients and quickly issues the safety certificates.

Established for safety certification testing, new product testing, trustworthiness testing, material analysis testing and EMC testing.

  • UL CTDP Lab.

  • TüV RH Lab.

  • DEKRA CTF1 Lab.

  • UL WTDP Lab.

  • Intertek CTF2 Lab.

  • SGS-CSTC(ISO17025) Lab.

  • TüV RH CTF3 Lab.


  • California Appliance Efficiency Test Lab.

R&D Capacity

Established multiple product lines such as adapters, smart fast charging, energy storage power supplies, inverter LED lighting power supplies, high-power digital power supplies, and each product line has accumulated competitive solutions and product platforms.


Each product line has a professional engineer team, through the product life cycle (PLM) management system, to achieve rapid R & D output, and cooperate with customers' products to market quickly.

Excellent supply chain

We have reached strategic cooperation with leading semiconductor manufacturers with IDM capabilities in China, and we have a priority supplier relationship with foreign leading brands for the high-end market of customers. vertical mode internal manufacturing, such as stamping dies, injection molding, transformers, labels, SMT, etc.

Manufacturing Capacity

The global manufacturing base has more than 120 production lines, including high-efficiency automatic production lines, modular automatic production lines, and lean production lines, which can quickly realize the flexible needs of model conversion production and ensure stable production capacity supply.

Quality Control

Advocate the quality culture of all staff and preventive management, Pay attention to the advance planning of APQP and standardization of process quality management, Rely on QMS digital system for the whole process management of quality planning, quality control and quality improvement, et.


44 years in power supply field for, serving communications, new energy, power tools, Audio & Visual and other fields, has strategic cooperation customers such as global top 500 companies and high-tech companies.



Respect for nature and society,  Provide customers with competitive power solutions and services continuously.

Core Values

Impress Customer,Pursue Innovation,Abide by integrity,Uphold Challenge

Company Vision

To be an international leader and an innovative power group with a first-class brand; 
To be a home for employees to break through themselves and create value; 
To be an enterprise that is loved and respected by customers, suppliers and society.

Devote to work and family

To advocate the corporate culture “Factory is home” to let employees devoting to work for family flourishing.



Ten Pao's Hazardous substances free Policy: Environmental friendly materials use, pollution prevention, continuous improvement, meet regulations and customer requirements

Ten Pao actively implements the concept of green development, continuously strengthens environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction management, improves resource utilization, reduces pollutant emissions, and enhances the company's green environmental protection competitiveness. At the same time, a series of results have been achieved in the promotion and application of new environmental protection and energy-saving technologies and products, the construction of the circle economic park, and participation in social waste management, which have been widely affirmed by all sectors of society.


Ten Pao Group has contributed money to charity and has made achievements on the road to public welfare for years. Ten Pao Group not only respects the elderly, loves the young, alleviates the poor, helps the disabled, disaster relief, and supports education, etc. Employees participate in public welfare activities, root the positive energy of public welfare concepts in their hearts, and do good deeds happily.


Ten Pao provides learning platforms and related facilities for employees, such as training rooms, computer training rooms, entertainment rooms, library, etc. Employees are provided with subsidies for children's schooling to encourage their children to study. "Ten Pao Group Scholarship" is set up to subsidize outstanding students in extracurricular social practice courses; at the same time, it raises funds for the "Shine Tak Youth Development Program" every year to subsidize students to go to Mainland China for aerospace technology. The study is aimed at enhancing the interest of young students in innovative aerospace technology. Ten Pao Group has been committed to public welfare undertakings related to young people, encouraging young people to explore and seek knowledge. School-enterprise cooperation provides high-quality education and teaching resources to further promote the development of education.


  • The meaning of Ten Pao Logo

    The LOGO is designed with an owl as the prototype. The overall implication is the steady and pragmatic work style of Ten Pao people and their keen insight into market opportunities, proactively adapting to market changes, timely strategic adjustments, wide distribution, and a global strategic strategy.

  • Founder's Story

    In the 1970s, Hong Kong's industry was undergoing rapid development. Chairman Hung founded Ten Pao in Hong Kong, focusing on the production and manufacture of power transformers. Although Chairman Hung was not a specialist in electronics, he was good at learning, agile in innovation. And he pushed Ten Pao forward step by step. 


    In the 1980s, the United States invented the switching power supply to solve the problem of high power consumption and slow startup of computers, but the cost was high. With keen market insight, Chairman Hung led Ten Pao to actively develop that market. He personally participated in the design, and the products he developed were of good quality and low price, not only selling well, but also winning the reputation of "Energy Star", and Ten Pao was overwhelmed with orders. His insight into the potential of the mainland market was the establishment of a production base in Huizhou as early as the 1980s.


    Hong Kong's property market was booming in the 1990s. Instead of investing money in the property market, Chairman Hung stuck to his original aspirations, focused on power supply, invested heavily in product development and automation equipment, pursued high quality and high efficiency, and focused on continuous innovation in product upgrades. Since then, the scale of the company has grown rapidly, from a few hundred employees at the beginning to more than 1,000 employees. At that time, it has developed the AC adapter products and expanded its customer base, actively contacted European and American customers, and developed overseas markets. The strong product innovation capability is undoubtedly an important guarantee for Ten Pao's global expansion.


Ten Pao Group was established in 1979. With 44 years of experience in power supply industry and technical precipitation with integrity as the purpose and got our feet on the ground. By cooperating with different famous brands for years, it has become trustworthy supplier for various international brands.


From the development of traditional manufacturing to today, every step is the unremitting persistence and innovation of Tenpao people in the industry. In the future, facing the ever-changing and increasing market demand, Tenpao will continue to invest resources in researching and developing a diversified product portfolio and innovative technologies, and optimize and improve automated production lines, deepen its domestic and overseas business, and consolidate power sources with a steady development of business strategies. Leading position in the industry, working hand in hand with customers to create a better future.


“Impress Customer & Pursue Innovation; Abide by integrity & Uphold Challenge.” The core value of Tenpao is the basis for stable development. With a management team with extensive operating experience and a solid foundation of the Group's 44-year roots in the industry, Tenpao will continue to consolidate its solid position in the switching power supply industry. I sincerely appreciate all employees for their unremitting efforts for their contributions to the company, and appreciate all shareholders, investors, customers and partners for their continued support.


  • Development Opportunity

    We have a complete human resource management system and good development prospects for every employee. We aim to create an equal development opportunity and build an ideal career development platform. In order to achieve the coordinated development of employees and the company, we have established a complete training system and hired professional consultants to provide various trainings for employees. Management team have the opportunity to be sent abroad to learn advanced technology and management experience.

  • Benefit

    We provide each employee with a good working and living environment. The employee dormitories are spacious and bright and equipped with air-conditioning. The mid and high-level manager enjoy such benefit as single living rooms or suites. The factory area has a welfare supermarket, clinic, cinema, library, Sports venues and facilities such as basketball courts. We also hold different cultural activities such as year-end dinners, New Year's lucky draws, birthday barbecues, etc. regularly to enrich the employee’s daily life. And front-line employees and team leaders will enjoy enrollment subsidies for their children. Employees enjoy social insurance, statutory holidays, holiday gifts, year-end bonuses and other forms of benefit.