Ten Pao was established in 1979 「stock code 1979」, With 45 years of experience in power supply industry, with the development direction of high-end and digital intelligence, it continues to provide customers with "intelligent, efficient, safe, reliable, and rapid response" product customization and production manufacturing services, and provides "one-stop" intelligent power supply solutions with market competitiveness. Over the years with many well-known international brands to establish a long-term stable cooperative relationship, it has now become an international leading, reliable and innovative power supply group.

  • 750+

    More than 750 R&D engineers

  • 45+

    45 years of industry experience

  • 400+

    Over 400 patents technology


100K㎡ Factory Site(New Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park approximately 400k㎡)

Huizhou (Shuikou), Guangdong, China





The New Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park (Phase 1) will be gradually put into production in the 2nd quarter

Setup new manufacturing sites in
Mexico for growing global demand


The New Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park (Phase 1) is under construction (The Phase 1 is topped out on Dec 14th 2021)


The production base in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam expanded its production 


Huizhou Ten Pao Chuangneng Technology  Co.,Ltd. was officially established, in order to develop the New Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park in Huizhou (with over 400K sqm) 


Launched Manufacturing Sites in Dazhou, China & Vietnam 


Set up Manufacturing Sites in Hungary 


Ten Pao Group Holdings Limited was listed in Hong Kong

Global Strategy Implementation 


China National Accreditation Standard (CNAS) qualified. Provide in-house CNAS safety approbation  


Established Ten Pao Electronics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. 


Established Huizhou Golden Lake Industrial Development Co., Ltd. 


Set up Manufacturing Sites in Huizhou, China 


Founded in Hong Kong 


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Ten Pao's Hazardous substances free Policy: Environmental friendly materials use, pollution prevention, continuous improvement, meet regulations and customer requirements.

Ten Pao actively implements the concept of green development, continuously strengthens environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction management, improves resource utilization, reduces pollutant emissions, and enhances the company's green environmental protection competitiveness. At the same time, a series of results have been achieved in the promotion and application of new environmental protection and energy-saving technologies and products, the construction of the circle economic park, and participation in social waste management, which have been widely affirmed by all sectors of society.


Ten Pao Group has contributed money to charity and has made achievements on the road to public welfare for years. Ten Pao Group not only respects the elderly, loves the young, alleviates the poor, helps the disabled, disaster relief, and supports education, etc. Employees participate in public welfare activities, root the positive energy of public welfare concepts in their hearts, and do good deeds happily.


Ten Pao provides learning platforms and related facilities for employees, such as training rooms, computer training rooms, entertainment rooms, library, etc. Employees are provided with subsidies for children's schooling to encourage their children to study. "Ten Pao Group Scholarship" is set up to subsidize outstanding students in extracurricular social practice courses; at the same time, it raises funds for the "Shine Tak Youth Development Program" every year to subsidize students to go to Mainland China for aerospace technology. The study is aimed at enhancing the interest of young students in innovative aerospace technology. Ten Pao Group has been committed to public welfare undertakings related to young people, encouraging young people to explore and seek knowledge. School-enterprise cooperation provides high-quality education and teaching resources to further promote the development of education.

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