• Brand Story

  • The meaning of Ten Pao Logo: 

    The LOGO is designed with an owl as the prototype. The overall implication is the steady and pragmatic work style of Ten Pao people and their keen insight into market opportunities, proactively adapting to market changes, timely strategic adjustments, wide distribution, and a global strategic strategy.

  • Founder's Story

    In the 1970s, Hong Kong's industry was undergoing rapid development. Chairman Hung founded Ten Pao in Hong Kong, focusing on the production and manufacture of power transformers. Although Chairman Hung was not a specialist in electronics, he was good at learning, agile in innovation. And he pushed Ten Pao forward step by step. 

    In the 1980s, the United States invented the switching power supply to solve the problem of high power consumption and slow startup of computers, but the cost was high. With keen market insight, Chairman Hung led Ten Pao to actively develop that market. He personally participated in the design, and the products he developed were of good quality and low price, not only selling well, but also winning the reputation of "Energy Star", and Ten Pao was overwhelmed with orders. His insight into the potential of the mainland market was the establishment of a production base in Huizhou as early as the 1980s.

    Hong Kong's property market was booming in the 1990s. Instead of investing money in the property market, Chairman Hung stuck to his original aspirations, focused on power supply, invested heavily in product development and automation equipment, pursued high quality and high efficiency, and focused on continuous innovation in product upgrades. Since then, the scale of the company has grown rapidly, from a few hundred employees at the beginning to more than 1,000 employees. At that time, it has developed the AC adapter products and expanded its customer base, actively contacted European and American customers, and developed overseas markets. The strong product innovation capability is undoubtedly an important guarantee for Ten Pao's global expansion.